databanka nehnuteľností a bytov
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Lesná 1
97401 Banská Bystrica

Tel.: 0903 500 649

Databanka nehnuteľností a bytov s.r.o. je členom Národnej asociácie realitných kancelárií slovenska od roku 1999.


Our services


Databanka nehnutelnosti a bytov (The Real Estate and flat Database) - estate agency started its business in the year of 1994.

Our company offers its clients services in the region of Banska Bystrica in following areas:

• mediating of sale, purchase and rent of flats, family houses, construction parcels, non residential premises, recreation facilities
• transmission of the properietorial rights, transmission of the membership rights and duties connected with the rent of a flat
• real estate evaluation
• real estate administration
• complex law and tax advisory service for buying the real estate up to the issue of the certificate of ownership
• sale of flats by the medium of the construction savings-bank and the mortgage
• project documentation for the reconstruction of flats and family houses
• geodetic works
• reconstruction of flat service cores and family houses

The collective of our company is looking forward
to cooperation with you
narks Databanka nehnuteľností a bytov s.r.o. (The Real Estate and flat Database) is member of Národná asociácia realitných kancelárií slovenska from 1999.